Issues and Corrections

By Jeffrey C. Witt

There are lots of ways to contribute and help improve the SCTA corpus suited to contributors of various skill levels.

Perhaps the most obvious and common thing a casual contributor will want to do is simply fix an erroneous transcription.

The two main methods are direct correction or issue creation. In either case, users will need a github account.

To make a correction:

  1. highlight a word, select “edit”,
  2. if necessary, follow github instructions to fork the relevant repo
  3. then make the correction to the underlying XML source text
  4. write a message about the change made
  5. then follow the github instructions to submit the pull request

Consider the image example below:


If the correction is more involved and difficult to make directly to the source text, or if the problem needs more deliberation and consideration, you can create a github issue.

  1. Simply click on the “create GitHub issues” link
  2. Then in the issue, describe the problem and where in the text it occurs.

Consider the image example below:


These kinds of issues should be focused on the text as “data” (e.g. transcription corrections, text markup, text hierarchy corrections)

Presentational issues, application bugs, or application feature requests should be directed at the Web Application itself (the LombardPress-Web App) which displays text data. The Lbp-Web App issues list can be found here