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Extracted from official github repo on 2020-01-23

Codex Description File Schema

This is a repository for the schema for Codex Description Files, maintained by the SCTA community

The CDF-SCHEMA is used to associate describe a Codex Manifestation, individual Codex Ideas as well as map the Surface Manifestations and Surface Items within a given codex.



A transcription file begins with a <codex> as the root element, which takes a <head> and <surfaces> element.

The header includes basic information about the codex and its codex item


The hasItems element is designed to indicate a list of item instances of a given codex manifestation. In the case of a codex type manuscript, there should only be one item as a child of the hasItems element. In the case of a printed codex, there may be many, one for each item printed from the codex manifestation (or type setting)


An item describes a given item instance of a codex manifestation.