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Welcome to the SCTA Community Page

The community posts articles here to help people at all levels understand how to contribute and benefit from the SCTA. Whether you're interested in preparing an edition of a scholastic text for print, web, or both, or are looking to build a new application using the SCTA APIs, or are interested in using the SCTA for corpus and linguistic analysis, you'll find articles here to help get you started.

The SCTA began as a way to connect highly related data sets pertaining to scholastic research separated by silos of traditional publication and research methods. The goal is to create a distributed network that allows each research group to preserve their automony and independence, while at the same time constructing avenues for collaboration and data sharing with other groups. In this way, each research group can enrich the work of other groups and in turn be enriched by the growth of the globally connected data set.

If you are working on anything related to scholasticism broadly conceived, we invite your contributions. Whatever level you are at, whatever you're working on — if you're willing to learn new research methods and editing tools -- there is a way for you to contribute.

Community Principles

  • The SCTA is collaborative community.
    We believe that a rising tide can lift all boats and that while sometimes it seems faster to go it alone, the only way to go far is to go together.
  • The SCTA is an open community.
    The SCTA was established to facilitate the open sharing of data. The SCTA is designed to enable the use and re-use of data that is the common possession and inheritance of humanity. Data is contributed to SCTA in the hopes that it will become the source material for new projects and new investigations. The open sharing of data also places a responsibility of the consumer of this data. Consumer's of SCTA, whether humans or clients application should make every effort to use the SCTA attribution data to report the source of their data.
  • The SCTA is a respectful and encouraging community.
    The SCTA is a community project. It thrives and succeeds through the growth and health of the community. The health of this community means that it is a place where open discussion and new ideas are continually welcomed. It also means the SCTA is a place of support for anyone with a desire to contribute, from whatever point they are starting. The SCTA slack channel and discussion board is place for beginners and experts to ask questions and share wisdom.

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SCTA Community Call

The SCTA holds a regular community calls. Join us on slack to find out when the next call is scheduled.